Vieri Give Prediction Regarding the Way of Serie A

Vieri Give Prediction Regarding the Way of Serie A

Christian Vieri claims Juventus will be champions Serie A next season, Inter can return as before and admits Milan lack of champions.

In an interview session with the media, Vieri also admitted that Napoli lacks confidence, where he can not imagine Roma without Francesco Totti and the transfer market is very boring.

“What kind of Serie A next season? I’m afraid the league will not be a natural change. Juve will again be champions and other teams will pursue them, “said the former Italian striker told the media.

“Of course, we just entered the beginning of July and there is still time for the club to recruit new players and fight to narrow the distance with the Bianconeri.

“We look forward to it, but as I said, I’m afraid there will be no greget in the championship title competition.

“Champions League, is there a curse? I honestly looked at it in a different way. Juve are a great club and getting to the finals twice in three seasons is proof if they are a tough team.

“After that, you also need a bit of luck and Juve are dealing with the best teams on two occasions.

“I think that to get there is a great achievement and a good point to get them even more.

“Inter ready to compete with Suning? They are very possible, but they have to keep working hard in the transfer window and try to boyong famous players, which can make a difference.

“But certainly, their basis, especially in economic terms, seems to be that they will be solid and concrete, and this will be a starting point for them to regain their future with confidence.

“Maybe they can not directly compete directly, but I think they can return to Inter that we will all remember in the future.

“About Milan, I’m still in doubt. The brand bought a great striker, Andre Silva, which I like, but I do not see them leading the top players they need to get to the top and stay there.

“Napoli? I do not think they made much change. They must improve their quality if they want to compete and stay on top of the standings.

“Rome without Totti? I can not imagine. Without the presence of players numbered back 10 on the pitch, every game will feel different.

“Time passes, and soon it will probably stop, but it is clear that our first season will be marked as the beginning of a new era that we can not refuse or even conscious of.

“What do I think about the transfer market? Quite boring. For a few seasons, it’s a shame, in Italy, none of those fantastic businesses like in the past. “

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