There is a Special Tattoo for Wife in Left Hand Peter Odemwingie


There is a Special Tattoo for Wife in Left Hand Peter Odemwingie

Some people choose to capture the moment or remember their loved ones through a tattoo. Peter Odemwingie is one of those who express his heart through the art of chopping the body.

Marquee player club Madura United has one special tattoo that is in his left hand. The tattoo he made specifically as a sign of how great his love for his wife, Sarah Fallon.

“The tattoo on my left hand (love my princess) I dedicate to my wife, I make it happy,” said Odemwingie.

Odemwingie and Sarah got married in 2012, when she was still in England. Together with the woman from Manchester, Odemwingie has been blessed with three children named Noah, Theo and Sophia.

This Nigerian player claimed very lucky to get Sarah as a wife. He also promised not to allow his son to do the same (make tattoos).

“I was lucky to have him and father three children with him,” he said.

“But if my son asks me about tattoos, I will forbid them.This is not a good thing kids can do, I do not want to be a bad example,” he continued.

Furthermore, Odemwingie ensures that he will not make a new tattoo on his body. 35-year-old figure is not interested to merajah the whole body with a tattoo.

“I also do not want to add tattoos like other people do to the whole body.This tattoo I make just for my wife,” close the former Stoke City player.

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