REVIEW Asian Cup Qualifier U-23, Thailand 0-0 Indonesia: Young Garuda Struggle Kandas

REVIEW Asian Cup Qualifier U-23, Thailand 0-0 Indonesia: Young Garuda Struggle Kandas

The Indonesian national team failed to advance to the 2018 U-23 Asian Cup finals in China, as it drew 0-0 with Thailand in the final Group H 2018 Asian Cup final at the National Stadium in Bangkok on Sunday (23/7).

Malaysia is certain to qualify as group winners after winning 2-0 in the last game of counter Mongolia. While Thailand still have a chance to qualify as one of the best five runner-up teams, but have to wait for results from other groups.

Playing with the rainy situation and the muddy field makes both teams difficult to develop the game. Heavy rains are down to make the players of both teams must be careful in releasing the bait.
Entering the 20th minute the field conditions getting worse. But the referee still did not stop the game. Nothing much happens in the middle of the first half.

At the end of the game, Garuda Young get a chance when a clean sweep of Thai goalkeeper leads to Febri. But Febri kick is still able to be blocked so that his direction soar.

Score 0-0 draw held until the referee blew the whistle marks the first half of the game was over. Thailand appear more pressing in the second half. They get two chances but widened.

Indonesia gets a chance through the Papuan duo. The cooperation of Osvaldo and Marinus only widened from the Thai goal.

Indonesia again threatened a good breakthrough bait from Saddil to Marinus but was still able to cut by the Thai keeper in the final moments.

It looks like a bad field also makes trouble. Until the second round of the final score 0-0 last until the fight ended. Indonesia failed to qualify for the Asian Cup because only able to occupy the third rank of Group H with a collection of four points.

Composition of players

Indonesian National Team U-22: Kartika Ajie; Ricky Fajrin, Bagas Adi Nugroho, Hansamu Yama, Gavin Kwan Adsit, David Septian, Evan Dimas, Muhammad Hargianto, Osvaldo Haay, Yoni Roni, Febri Hariadi

Thailand U-22 national team: Nont Muangngam; Rattanakorn Maikami, Shinnaphat Leeaoh, Saringkai Promsupa, Suriya Singmui, Nopphon Phonkam, Phitiwat Sookjitthammakul, Sasalak Haiprakhon, Panudech Maiwong, Chaiyawat Buran, Chenrop Samphaodi

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