PREDICTION Madura United vs PSM Makassar: Seizing For The Top Board In Bangkalan

PREDICTION Madura United vs PSM Makassar: Seizing For The Top Board In Bangkalan

Fierce duel Madura United vs PSM Makassar will be presented at Gelora Bangkalan Stadium in advanced League 1, on Saturday (29/7) afternoon. The second position of the team at the top of the standings make this party certainly take place interesting.

Until the 16th week of League 1, Madura United and PSM appear quite consistent. Warriors Sape Kerrab ranks third with 29 points, while Juku Eja who had a few weeks at the top of the standings, must be willing to go down to fifth position with only one point difference from Madura.

However, ahead of this fight PSM haunted by the absence of several key players. One name that will definitely absent is Marc Klok due to a red card in the match counter Bali United last week. Additionally names like Hamka Hamzah to Steven Paulle are also still in doubt.

On the other hand Madura United would want to continue to maintain keangkeran headquarters. As far as League 1 this season, Gomes De Oliviera care team has not lost when playing at the Stadium or Bangora Bangora or at the Stadium Queen of Pemelingan.

Key Players Madura United vs PSM Makassar

Greg Nwokolo (Madura United)

The naturalized player of this one seemed to return to find his best performance in the League 1 event. The combination with marquee player Peter Odemwingie on the front lines of Madura United is very sharp.

So far Greg has contributed six goals and three assists for the team of Madura Island community pride. If it continues to appear consistent, did not rule out the tap the tap will return flowing in the game counter PSM later.

Reinaldo Elias Da Costa (PSM Makassar)

Australia’s attacker is the principal mainstay of Robert Rene-Alberts on the front lines PSM Makassar in League 1 this season. Reinaldo has so far packed nine goals that put him third in the list of top scorers, under Peter Odemwingie and Sylvano Comvalius.

However, Reinaldo has sterile in the last two games PSM. Incidentally in two games that Juku Eja always swallow bad results that when playing a draw counter Barito and subdued from Bali United. However, if this player returns to find his best performances, Madura United’s back line will be in danger.

Players Prediction Prediction

Madura United XI: Eriyanto, Fabiano, Fachruddin, Rendika, Guntur, Rizky, Slamet, Bayu, Greg, Odemwingie.

PSM Makassr XI: Syaiful, Zulkifli, Paulle, Wasiyat, Reva, Pellu, Pluim, Ramhat, Ghozali, Tibo, Reinaldo.

Prediction Score Madura United vs PSM Makassar

In the Indonesia Soccer Championship (ISC) event last year, both teams beat each other. However, Madura is more dominant by beating PSM with a landslide score of 4-1 when acting as host, and only lost 0-1 when a visit to Andi Matalatta Stadium.

This season, PSM power is not like in last season. Now they are stronger on some sides. However, the condition of Juku Eja is not ideal. In addition to losing some key figures, PSM is also experiencing a less good trend.

In the game later predicted Madura will be able to win with a final score of at least 2-0.

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