Nesta: Totti Will Be A Director

Nesta: Totti Will Become A DirectorAlessandro Nesta acknowledges Miami FC is indeed close to the Roman legend Francesco Totti but he has a chance to become a director Taruhan Casino Online.

The 40-year-old man played his last game for the Giallorosso against Genoa in May but signaled he could continue his playing career anywhere.

There was one offer that allowed him to become a director of the club as a child, and Nesta was sure he would take the chance.

“Totti farewell? I think it is a moment of emotional drain, no matter what club you defend, “said former Lazio captain told the media.

“Not every great player can feel such an extraordinary day. In Rome they are critical, demanding but they are extraordinary.

“Can Totti join Miami? We are talking, but his future is destined to become a director.

“Totti says he’s scared? The day when the League season begins and you guys are not there, it’s hard. And if you do not have an interest in doing something, it’s really boring: you miss out on the pitch, the dressing room.

“You can spend time with the kids and go shopping with your wives, but we’re used to different emotions. I know what Francesco means. ”

Nesta is also a hero in Milan, and he was asked about the situation that dragged Gianluigi Donnarumma, who eventually renewed his contract.

“I do not know he got an offer from the time, but it’s clear that if Real Madrid will make you think for a moment.

“In the end everything works just right, but I have a different view.

“When Milan come back, they will not have this problem again. Several seasons ago was the highest point when you arrived at the club. They must reverse such pride. ”

Juventus have already won the Scudetto during the successive season gymnastics, maybe other clubs have been able to stop them this season?

“I think the next title is Juve’s. Rome so far only buy, so we need to see who they buy.

“Napoli have not sold the players yet and they have not recruited any. Sarri’s team will be the anti-Juve team next season.

“Milan club duo? There is one greater distance, and it takes time to fix it.

“It depends on how they invest their money, it’s just from the point of view that they can compete with Juve in the next few years.”

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