‘Calhanoglu Can Become A Significant Player In AC Milan History’

‘Calhanoglu Can Become A Significant Player In AC Milan History’

Turkish national team coach, Mircea Lucescu is very supportive of Hakan Calhanoglu to be successful with AC Milan. Lucescu rate Calhanoglu have the capacity to be an important player in Milan’s history.

With his talents, the former Bayer Leverkusen player will not be difficult to adapt to the scheme applied by Vincenzo Montella.

Lucescu is currently in the city of Milan to meet with Calhanoglu. The Romanian coach met Calhanoglu so he could make preparations ahead of the game against Ukraine could mature.

“I am very grateful to Vincenzo Montella because when I contact him, soon he can give empty time to Calhanoglu,” said Lucescu.

“I also want to find out how he behaves, and he speaks very well,” he continued.

“First impression? He made a perfect image. He’s an ingenious player who wants to bring his club back to the top flight. And he’ll do it. ”

“He started learning Italian and this means he wants to soon get on with the club. His technique and quality as a player is important. Can he become an important player in Milan’s history? Why not? He is a very talented player. ”

“Can he become the number 10 player in Milan? I hope he will be a player that everyone expects. He feels like number 10 and I’m sure he knows how to do his role very well, “Lucescu concluded. (Source: Italian Football)

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