Bhayangkara FC Choose Preparation in Surabaya to Face Persegres

Bhayangkara FC Choose Preparation in Surabaya to Face Persegres

Bhayangkara FC chose to practice in Surabaya, East Java. This became part of the preparation of the team facing Persegres Gresik United in advanced League 1, Saturday (26/08/2017).

Bhayangkara attacker, FC Dendi Sulistyawan, said that he and his colleagues have been in Surabaya since Tuesday (22/08/2017). They focus on preparation for the game.

“The team has been in Surabaya since yesterday. We exercise in the place used before Bhayangkara moved home base to Bekasi, “said Dendi when contacted, Wednesday (23/08/2017).

Dendi also claimed to have prepared himself to the fullest. He hopes to be the choice of coach Simon McMenemy to fill one place in the composition of players.

“The hope is so, after yesterday did not appear against Sriwijaya FC. If it is believed, I will try to perform optimally as well as willing to bring Bhayangkara to win over Persegres. Although in the game I do not score goals, which is important the team can win, “he said.

He also hopes, Bhayangkara FC squad do not underestimate the condition of Persegres which is currently slumped.

“With victory, we will be able to continue to live the chance to win and compete in the top flight,” he said.

Until the 21st week of League 1 competition, Bhayangkara FC continue to follow the peak position which is still occupied Persipura Jayapura with 1 point difference. Persipura collect 38 points, while Bhayangkara 37 points.

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